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What Are The Different Types Of Nannies?

Full Time Nanny: A Full Time nanny typically works 4-5 days a week 8-10 hours per day. A nanny is someone who is fully invested and dedicated in a child's development and well being. They are responsible for 100 percent care of your children. Depending on your families needs, schedules and duties will vary with the nanny position. Some duties include, feeding, changing, bathing children as well as keeping a routine, putting down for naps, taking to activities outside the house, etc. A full time nanny is responsible for creating a nurturing and stimulating environment. They are required to meet the children's physical, social and emotional needs. Some full time nannies are also required to travel with the family.

Part Time Nanny: A Part Time nanny typically works 3-5 days a week 4-6 hours per day. This can generally change. Some parents only need a nanny two days per week and it might be full 8 hour days, etc. A part time nanny is someone who works 29 or less hours per week. If you want to be sure to keep your nanny, take into consideration the nanny may have other jobs they need to fulfill to make their bills at home. Part time nannies are usually looking for reliable schedules. Sometimes it works out for both sides as part time nannies may also be finishing college, etc. If you want a nanny who can change their schedule or be on-call, a part time nanny probably isn't for you. I would suggest looking into our babysitting services.

Live Out Nanny vs. Live In Nanny: A live In nanny is generally paid less than a live out nanny. The reason why a live-in nanny typically gets paid less than a live-out nanny is because her room and board is considered as part of her pay. A live-in nanny is still required to make minimum wage, either way. But because they are a nanny please consider a higher wage. Live-in nannies generally work full-time and are part of the family. If a nanny chooses to have a live-in nanny, they must consider the nannies situation and give her a private room and bathroom.

Babysitter/On- Call Sitter: A babysitter or on-call sitter is someone who generally looks after your children's well being. A sitter is someone who usually works for a minimum of 4 hours whenever needed. Sitters can work on occasion or have a regular sitting job. Sitters are required to be CPR and First Aid Certified as well as the nannies. Their main duties include; playing with the children, cooking for children or reheating meals for children, putting them to sleep, etc.

Nanny Share:

A Nanny Share is when two families come together and hire one nanny. There are many different ways to go about this but the most common is switching from one Families house to the other, every other week. The nanny is paid by both families a higher rate for caring for two families but the families are each paying the nanny lower than they would if she wasn't doing a nanny share. Some important questions you should take into consideration is if your family and the other family have similar needs, views on childcare, etc. It is a great situation and tends to work out on all sides if communication is 100 percent on point.


Travel Nanny: A travel nanny is someone who goes on vacation with a family and is 100 perfect flexible during the travels. They are usually required to work full-time and either be an extra set of hands to the parents or required to plan fully booked days with activities for the children. You may choose to take your full-time nanny from home on vacation with you or hire a travel nanny to go with you.

How Does Pacific Elite Nannies Find Qualified And Loving Nannies?

Many of our nannies come from multiple different sources. Because the owner (Kady) has been a nanny for 12 years, she has connections in all areas of the nanny world. We have an incredible network of amazing nannies in our database. We also work through referral, direct applicants, recruitment at local colleges and the internet.


What Is The Screening Process For The Nannies?

We take pride in having one of the most personal and time valued screening processes. The nannies you will meet through our agency will have gone through a thorough and extensive interview process which includes:

  1. Detailed interview.

  2. Speak to four references.

  3. Nannies complete a 7 page detailed written application.

  4. Nannies submit a “Letter to the family”.

  5. Verify past employment.

  6. Verify CPR and First-Aid Certification

  7. Verify Trustline certification (background check) which is required by the State of California.

It could take 2-4 weeks to find a quality nanny for you. We do the best we can to provide one sooner but because of our extensive interview process, it may take a little time. 


What Is The Salary Range For A Nanny?

Nannies can make typically anywhere from $20-35ph, depending on experience, qualifications, number of children and duties. Hourly rates are typically negotiated between the Nanny and the Family. We will provide advice and guidance if needed.

Do I Have To Pay Taxes?

According to the IRS, any nanny that works in the home of a family is an employee. Parent employers are legally liable to withhold Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, Social Security, and Medicare taxes from the nanny's wages. The parent employers must pay additional taxes: the other half of Social Security, Federal, Unemployment and State Unemployment. If you register with one of the two listed below, we will waive your registration fee ($100 value). You can get more information through these companies below:

 1. https://www.homeworksolutions.com/partners/pacificelitenannies/

 2. https://gtm.com/household/pacific-elite-nannies/

Nanny Tax Calculator:

Advice From Our Nanny Agency:

  1. The more information you give us, the better we can do to match you with the perfect nanny.

  2. Communicate with the agency and nanny, always. Communication is the number one key!

  3. We think its extremely important to have a trial day with your nanny. The nanny does need to be compensated at her regular hourly rate. This will help determine if the nanny is a right fit for your family and if the nanny feels it's the right fit as well.

  4. An agreement between you and your nanny is extremely crucial. Be sure to go over each detail so you both have an understanding of what is expected. It can also be used as a point of reference if any complications come up in the future.

  5. Pacific Elite offers information regarding nanny taxes, contract negotiations, making an offer, etc. Please take advantage of this.


Sample Interview Questions For Nanny:

  1. What is your nanny experience?

  2. What is your favorite age to care for?

  3. What ages do you have experience with?

  4. What do you like about being a nanny?

  5. What is the most challenging part to being a nanny?

  6. What is your view on discipline?

  7. How have you handled a difficult situation?

  8. Tell me about a time when a child got hurt?

  9. Do you have special needs experience?

  10. Are you CPR and First Aid certified?

  11. What was your favorite thing about your last nanny job?

  12. What was your least favorite thing about your last nanny job?

  13. Are you looking for part time or full time work?

  14. How long do you plan to be a nanny?

  15. How flexible is your schedule?

  16. Are you willing to do light housekeeping or cook?

  17. Are you willing to care for pets?

  18. Are there any responsibilities you won't do?

  19. What activities would you do with the kids?

  20. How many kids are you comfortable caring for at one time?


Fill out the following form and our placement coordinator will contact you shortly to discuss and advance with the process.

I can't recommend Pacific Elite highly enough. We were visiting from out of state for a wedding, and were connected up with Kady through a coworker. Kady was wonderfully helpful, super professional, and set us up with Tori for two nights of babysitting. Tori was just as amazing. She had a great rapport with the kids, and did an awesome job taking care of them. Again, can't recommend Pacific Elite enough, and plan on using them again in the future.

-Matt D.

I wanted to reach out and tell you what an amazing time Zack is having with Astrid. She taught him a few new games and songs. She is incredibly knowledgable regarding the LA area and has taken him everywhere! Astrid, is very flexible with our schedule, which is very important. It was wonderful working with you and Astrid is a gem and truly awesome! Thank you for making a nervous mom very happy! 

- Natasha B.

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