Professional Nanny Services

Professional Nanny Services are the Modern Solution for Busy Families

If you're a parent in southern California or Austin, you are probably familiar with professional nanny services. Whether you have a need for consistent childcare or just occasionally need a babysitter, a service such as Pacific Elite Nannies is a parent's best friend. Pacific Elite, like many of the best nanny agencies out there, provides not only nanny placement services but shorter-term babysitting services as well.
In fact, Pacific Elite Nannies offers numerous options to families looking for quality, dependable childcare:
* Full-time nannies who typically work 4-5 days a week for 8-10 hours a day.
* Part-time nannies generally work 3-4 days a week for anywhere from 4-6 hours a day.
* Babysitters or on-call sitters can work regularly or only on occasion, as needed.
* Travel nannies vacation with families when their regular nanny is unable to travel for whatever reason.
Regardless of which of these professional nanny services you think may be right for your family, you can rest easy knowing that Pacific Elite Nannies vets all of their nannies thoroughly and uses an extensive 5-step process for matching them with families. All nanny applicants must complete a 7-page application, verify their citizenship and identification in multiple ways, prove their eligibility to work, provide numerous references, and go through multiple interviews, including with the founder of the company.
Once a potential nanny has completed the preliminary requirements to start working, her profile can be shown to interested families. Staff from Pacific Elite Nannies, including the owner and founder, Kady Weatherby, conduct thorough consultations with families before personally matching them with possible nannies. From there, if a match is found, interviews and trial dates are coordinated to ensure it is the perfect fit. This is a more thorough process than many other best nanny agencies.

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